What happens if I’ve basically accomplished the same job duties for each position I’ve held?

It is not uncommon for a person to work for many years in the same field. For example, an accountant will have the same duties whether he or she worked for a pharmaceutical company at one point and then a consumer products company at a later date. A salesperson will “sell” and “increase a customer base” for both a software organization and a retail operation. If this is the case, then it is best to organize your resume according to functions or accomplishments.

You will have your Profile section, which will contain a highlighted summary of your most marketable and valuable skills. You will have an Employment History section that will list your jobs, promotions, and all the relevant dates.

In between the Profile and Employment History, you will need to have a Professional Accomplishments area where you will list how you improved sales and grew your customer base. You will describe your methodology for saving money and taxes with accurate accounting and extensive knowledge of GAAP. This will give your resume room to expand upon your “bulleted statements” to more than one sentence so that a recruiter or potential employer can gain an accurate sense of your capabilities.