The Resume Process

You've decided to contract with Preferred Presentations for your resume. You've had your phone interview ... so what happens next?

After the phone interview, we combine our thorough assessment of your professional background and goals with our expertise and “insider” knowledge to create a compelling resume.   For example, did you know that employers index and search resume submissions according to relevant industry terms?  We know the appropriate keywords to use for your specific position and practice area to ensure that your resume is sorted into the “yes” pile. 
Beyond just getting your resume past the initial screening, we know how to grab the attention of a “real person” behind the desk by:

  • Making sure that your most outstanding skills are emphasized for the greatest impact
  • Quantifying all of your accomplishments (i.e., You increased sales by how much? You improved time-to-market by how many months or quarters?)
  • Writing a succinct, well-organized profile to explain any industry changes or employment gaps
  • Emphasizing progressive successes and promotions at a given company or throughout your career
  • Including all of your volunteer work, education, association, civic contributions, and membership information